Top 3 Fashion Trends This Fall

As we move into fall, it is time to trade the crop tops and shorts for coats, pants, and cardigans. The arrival of the cold air doesn’t mean you still can’t show off your style though. Here are three of the top fashion trends to look for this fall that will give you flair.

Winter Florals

We have seen a lot of floral in the recent seasons, but is not only exclusive to spring and summer. Look for the floral to be worn year-round with moodier versions found on coats and dresses. You can also find the floral print on a blouse to help give you a retro look that is still fun to wear.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are the timeless trend that is getting an upgrade this fall. The black and white polka dots are making a huge return, and they can be found anywhere from ball gowns to your casual favorites. The newly updated polka dot brings a sophisticated style to your fall wardrobe.


The puffer jacket has recently gained popularity, and the demand is still growing. It is one of the hottest outer wear trends to look for this fall. The best thing about the puffer is there is plenty of variety to choose from. You will be able to find short or long puffer jackets with unlimited options of colors.

The colder weather is going to start moving in, and you can start showing off your new fall style soon. Whether you choose to wear floral or polka dots, wear it with confidence and lead the trend.

Photo Source: [641678418] Thinkstock

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